Gilbert Air Scrum Cap

Gilbert Air Scrum Cap
Gilbert Air Scrum Cap Gilbert Air Scrum Cap
Gilbert Air Scrum Cap

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Trust is paramount when rugby players step onto the pitch, not just within their team but also in a defensive system that stands by them from kickoff to final whistle. This trust can determine the outcome of a match. That's why Gilbert, with the input of key international players, has developed the innovative Air Headguard.

Crafted to be lightweight, this headguard features strategic ventilation areas that enhance airflow around the head, allowing players to maintain their cool even at peak exertion levels. Clear visibility is crucial during intense defensive phases and swift attacking maneuvers. The Air Headguard is meticulously engineered to accommodate all head shapes, offering an adjustable fit for unparalleled comfort and security throughout the full 80 minutes of play.

Its advanced closed-cell foam+ padding ensures exceptional shock absorption in critical contact zones like the temple while preserving optimal visibility. Furthermore, a deluxe lining integrated into the design manages moisture and boasts anti-bacterial properties, essential for athletes giving their all on the field.


  • Closed cell foam plus 
  • Ergonomical air flow construction
  • Expandable lace closure system
  • Anti-bacterial lining


  • Hand wash only
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use bleaching agents

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