Field Line Marking Paint

Field Line Marking Paint
Field Line Marking Paint

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Field Line Marking Paint


Sold by the Case. 12 cans per case. 20 oz. by volume, 18 oz. by weight.

Our Super Stripe paint cans are designed to produce the best paint lines possible, with a specially designed and patented nozzle to provide superb line definition. Fox Valley aerosol paint will get the job done, and last longer.

The most versatile line marking system of all, Fox Valley Athletic Field Line Marking Paint can be applied to a huge variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our Athletic Super Stripe paint is ideal for use on all kinds of grass surfaces, including football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis courts, lacrosse and play areas.

Note: with Fox Valley Athletic Field Line Marking Paint, make sure you shake the cans of Fox Valley Paint for at LEAST one full minute οΎ– or until you hear the little steel ball inside the can start to hit the sides and make the rattle noise. Once you hear the rattle of the ball, you can be sure the paint is properly mixed and ready to spray. If you finish half of a can and want to save it for another job, be sure to remove the can from the machine and clear the nozzle by spraying the can straight up into the air. This will clear any of the paint that would dry in the spray tip causing it to dry and clog.


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